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Decorative posters

Decorative posters

Posters are an integral part of our lives. We collected them from an early age when they were attached to colorful magazines. As teenagers, we collected festival posters as a memory of good concerts. Also as adults, we decorate our interiors with colorful designs!

Sometimes an interesting poster can be exactly what a room needs. Good design can liven up a room, determine the character of a company or person, or provide important information. The poster can be hung directly on the wall, inserted into a frame or other form of binding. The elasticity of the substrate even allows the poster to be stuck on a curved surface (pole, wall corner).

You do not have a wrap design yet?
  • Custom prints
  • Realistic prints
  • Vivid colours
  • Quick implementation
  • Splash and dirt resistant
  • Permanent non-fading print
  • Eco-friendly latex printing method
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