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Fridge stickers

Fridge stickers


Your fridge does not have to be another boring piece of furniture! A creative fridge wrap can give your kitchen a unique atmosphere. Thanks to them, even old fridges can be stylistically matched to the rest of the interior, effectively complementing the décor.
We print our wraps using cutting-edge latex technology, to perfectly match your fridge’s dimensions. Not only is this technology eco-friendly, but it also ensures that the wraps are available in vivid and attractive colours.

You do not have a wrap design yet?
  • Any size
  • Custom prints
  • Quick implementation – up to 48 hours
  • Long-lasting, weatherproof print
  • Vivid colours
  • Easy application
  • Peels off without leaving marks
  • Eco-friendly latex printing method
  • We can print any volume – starting from 1 piece
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