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Single print drama

Single print drama

Minimalism? We don’t know her. In 2020 we focus on performative excess and luxury. The duplicated floor-to-ceiling print adds drama and glamour that you will enjoy in your own four walls. It’s time to leave the colorless comfort zone and do something that others won’t have the courage to do.

Someone might say that this is too much, but one of the best qualities of the young generation of designers is turning kitsch into extravagance. In short, long live bad taste. Take this one step forward in design, and others will envy you for your unique eye for unconventional solutions.

Don’t forget that design must be interpreted with a hint of playfulness – for a interior to be perfectly imperfect (which is totally in right now!), you just have to have fun. Think about what evokes positive emotions in you and transfer it to your project.

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Flower power

The popularity of this motif now resembles more of a floral frenzy than the usual trend. Flowers have been with us for a long time – they have definitely stood the test of time and we can safely assure that people will reach for them for many years to come.

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Big, bold and beautiful

Forget about all-white kitchens and all shades of gray in bedrooms. Intense and expressive colors are becoming the talk of the town for their modern elegance power. A strong colorful theme is one of the dominant trends of this year. If any of those fun shades catches your eye – use it in your project!

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Liquid designs

Na co warto zwrócić uwagę podczas tworzenia designów? Cóż, najlepsza rada to na to, co Tobie wpadnie w oko. Tegorocznych trendów jest dużo i wiele z nich sprowadza się do kreatywnego wykorzystania prostoty. Sposobów na to jest dużo: do dyspozycji mamy paski, overlay, ilustracje, światło, abstrakcyjne figury, gradienty

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